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    • Have a plan for when disasters strike

      While some dealers in the Carolinas suffered major flooding damage — particularly those located near Wilmington, N.C. — many seemed to have been spared in the aftermath of one of the nation's latest natural disasters.

    • State clearly the minimum you expect from workers

      Savvy bosses always clarify what they want from workers at every level of the business. Clarifying expectations is vitally important because ultimately, uninformed employees cost the company money. Uninformed workers are not as productive as...

    • LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Blame for fatality is misguided

      In regards to the story "Court reinstates wrongful death suit against Toyo, Les Schwab", I have been an independent tire dealer for more than 55 years. I have been a Toyo retailer for well over 20 years. Toyo has been an excellent flagship line...

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