Published on September 15, 2015 @ 4:00pm EST

Tire Business puts focus on 'Up & Comers'

AKRON (Sept. 15, 2015) — Lately, it seems hard to make it through the day without reading a headline or hearing a conversation that makes mention of the millennial generation, and after receiving nominations for the Tire Business’ 2015 Up & Comers, we can understand why.

We received nominations for motivated, assertive, business-minded millennials worth recognition. That being said, we’d like to say congratulations to those we’re featuring in this year’s section on “Up & Comers” in the tire and automotive service industries.

Companies should be so lucky to have at least one or two employees like these working their way up the ranks in the business, who are able to understand, enjoy and maybe even flourish in the tire industry. Those employees often help the business run smoothly and may even eventually take it over after the owner retires.

There are so many ways to describe these workers: knowledgeable, assertive and bold. They’re often dubbed “millennials”—younger and working hard to prove themselves. Those are the kinds of employees we set out to find and to highlight as “Up & Comers” in Tire Businessnew recognition program.

This program focuses on the tire and auto service industries’ rising stars — young professionals who are making significant contributions and are the future thought-leaders to watch.

Nominees are 40 years of age or younger as of Aug. 14, 2015. The nominees work in various sectors of the tire and auto service business and include marketing professionals, dealership managers, independent tire shop owners and more.

To hear audio from the interviews with this group of Up & Comers, click here


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