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By Mark McCarron, Tire Business staff

AKRON (June 2, 2015) — “Please re-enter your password. The password you entered is incorrect.”

We have all seen that string of text and been forced to either dig deep into our memories and pick out one of the many passwords we have created or type in the same easily guessable password we regularly use.

In the digital age, it is a common headline to see big name companies hacked and private customer info released or stolen. Though nothing is “unbreakable” when it comes to online password protection, I have been using a web tool called LastPass to help keep my passwords safer, organized and convenient.

LastPass helps you put all of your passwords into one place, keeping them secure with a master password. It works with all the big Internet browsers, as well as through apps available for smartphones and tablets (the mobile apps require a Premium account). fficient use of your time.

Mark McCarron

LastPass also offers a save-as-you-go feature, so that as you log into sites you can save them into your account. From then on, it will auto-fill the login info when you go back to the Web page, making for a convenient and quick login. Once installed, the LastPass logo will appear in your login forms.

Another benefit of the tool is that it can create very strong passwords for you using a completely random string of numbers, letters and symbols. This is a great feature to help out all the people relying on the “password: password” approach to secure their online accounts. As a personal tip, I would always write these complex passwords down, just because you can never be too safe — especially if it is for the email account you use to log into LastPass. You definitely don’t want to get locked out.

Another excellent way to secure your account is by setting up multifactor authentication. Doing this requires that when you login to LastPass on a computer using the master password, you must also approve the login via a one-time password sent to your phone or by using an authentication app. This helps to ensure that even if someone was able to get their hands on your master password, they still would be denied access to your account.

It is always a good idea, when possible, to use multifactor authentication on all your major account logins. LastPass lists and offer setup options for different compatible tools in the account settings section.

There are a couple hurdles I have noticed while using LastPass. If you have multiple logins for a website, double check which you are using and watch out for what the website defaults to. There have been times when LastPass or the website will get confused with multiple logins for one website, such as your personal and business accounts on Twitter.

Also, always keep an eye out to see what is auto-filling. Sometimes LastPass may not be auto-filling with the info you want. For example, it may start filling a form with your personal email as opposed to your work email address.

Since LastPass stores the URLs in your account with the logins, you can access and log into any of the websites in your LastPass on a different computer, or on a mobile device if you get a Premium account. This helps to make it easier to access work accounts if needed when you are away from the computer you would normally use for business. Again, make sure to set up multifactor authentication so an unwanted party would be denied access to your account if they tried to access it from a different computer as well.

Lastly, LastPass makes it easy to share a password between LastPass accounts if you share an account with someone. Premium and Enterprise options are available also. Overall, this is an extremely useful Web tool that can be set up to be very secure and help keep your info and logins safe while allowing for more e

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