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VLOG: Top 10 tire industry social media posts

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AKRON (Dec. 8, 2014) — As we wind down the year — because believe it or not, we are already in December — I wanted to take a step back and think of all the great social media posting that has been going on in our industry.

While I will talk about the 2014 social media trends in the Dec. 22 edition of the social media blog series, I wanted to take this time to highlight some of the best industry posts I have seen on Facebook these past 12 months. Many of this Top 10 list were showcased by Tire Business through its Facebook page in our weekly #FridayFavorite.

This list is not in any particular order, I just think they are all great!

Best-One Tire & Auto of Crossville

Best One Tire & Auto of Crossville in Crossville, Tenn., used social media to advise its customers on the best days to travel through the Thanksgiving holiday. This is a great use of social media because it’s something that many of its followers could use.

Eastern Tire & Auto Service

One of my personal favorite tire industry posts are those involving upcycled tires. Being environmentally conscious has become important to many consumers, and they are interested in this type of effort from businesses. In this post, Eastern Tire & Auto Service of Rockland, Maine, posts an upcycled tire snowman, which is great for the upcoming winter.

Pep Boys- Manny, Moe & Jack

Although social media is a great platform to post the more fun side of things, it is also an area that a business can engage its audience with advice and also asking for feedback. Pep Boys - Manny, Moe & Jack asked its audience: What’s your number 1 tip for driving at night? Seeing what people respond and how they engage with both your brand and other users is a great way to get people interested in your brand.

Nu-Tread Tire & Auto Service Center

There are certain things about an industry that you cannot understand unless you are in them. I have worked in the donut industry for more than a decade of my life and no one else but other donut people will understand what it is like when people simply ask you for a chocolate donut. It’s the same thing for the tire and automotive aftermarket. This post by Nu-Tread Tire & Auto Service Center of Boston talks about the “Law of Mechanical Repair.” It is funny and I’d imagine, pretty accurate.

Cross Dillon Tire

When I worked at a community newspaper right out of college, one of the first things I learned really quickly is that kids and pets sell papers. I think this philosophy works pretty nicely on social media most of the time as well. Cross Dillon Tire of Lincoln, Neb., shows this cute kid trying to work on vehicle. I think there is a future auto technician there.


Tire Business social media

B&B Automotive & Wrecker

Taking a more serious tone on Facebook can work as well, as long as it is something that can be important to your audience. B&B Automotive & Wrecker of Denison, Texas, speaks about car safety, which is important to anyone that steps into a vehicle.

C & R Tire

Like I said: kids and pets. This C & R Tire of Phoenix post highlights a dog AND a quote that uses tires. Done and done.

Dorchester Tire Service

Dorchester Tire Service of Boston used social media to share a great anniversary celebration. Although you do not want to make your social media presence all about your shop, it is a great place to share stories like this. It shows off that personal touch of your business.

VIP Tires & Service

No Top 10 list would be complete without some kind of social media promotion. This is one by VIP Tires & Service of Lewiston, Maine, that is a word scramble the company uses as a raffle for free services. I think this is a really fun way to reach out.

Auto Tech Centers Inc.

Last but not least is Auto Tech Centers Inc. that combined both letting your customers get to know your business and posting a picture of a super cute kid. Nice work.

Those are my top 10 tire industry posts. I love seeing the variety of posts being done across the board and can’t wait to continue our social media journey into next year!

Check out Dec. 22nd’s social media blog to wrap up the year! Plus, stay tuned to next year for what is to come!

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