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Top 10 job interview tips

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Top 10 job interview tips

AKRON —  Interviews are the time to get great talent for your company. And for the interviewee, it's a chance to advance in your career. But if you blow it, then everyone misses the chance, and what could be a great match is a non issue. And I hate a missed love connection.

So I've written a blog with 10 tips that can give you the best chance to quiet your first impression enough to allow your experience and skill to speak for themselves.

Don’t fret. Since then I’ve gotten better. Because really there’s no possible way I could have gotten any worse.

I’ve even started interviewing my own candidates. I admit, I’ve been guilty of not always thinking some of the younger generations have any clue how to put their best foot forward or distinguish themselves from any random person off the street.

I’ve seen the good, bad and ugliest of interviews. I’ve put together my top 10 of the most common sense suggestions I could think of.

  1. Don’t interrupt the interviewer.

  2. Know how you meet the qualifications.

  3. Be sure that you do, in fact, meet the qualifications.

  4. Don’t wear sneakers.

  5. Have examples ready of how your experience will help you succeed in the position.

  6. Be sure you remember what position you’re being interviewed for.

  7. Do your research and learn about the company, its goals and, at a minimum, visit its website.

  8. Never allow yourself to be unprepared for a question.

  9. Practice explaining clearly why you want to work for the company and why you’re a good fit.

10. Know what you want out of the job and communicate it.

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