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ITEC Paper 33: Ride Control Sales: Necessary or Impossible?

Date Published August 21, 2014
Category Conference Papers

It’s a fact: Ride control, shocks and struts are grossly undersold. “They’re too costly, they’re too hard to sell, the customer doesn’t think they’re bad”…. Well, think again. This program will show you the why, when and how to earning those lost sales. It will cover the facts about the 50,000 mile replacement recommendation, how ESC and crash avoidance systems raise the importance of ride control and how to communicate its value to the motorist. Did you know that most technicians are looking for the wrong shock & strut wear symptoms? You will see how to install a complete ride control sales system: Shop training, how tech’s can perform a simple exercise to determine the condition of a vehicle’s ride control performance, how to report conditions to the service advisor and how to plant effective sales seeds.  Shocks and struts affect the tires you sell, the brake work you perform as well as customer satisfaction and length of ownership. This is your opportunity to see what it takes to eliminate the missing link to your undercar service offerings.