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ITEC Paper 10: Avoiding the Inoperative Trap: The Six Steps to TPMS Success

Date Published August 20, 2014
Category Conference Papers

There are many voices to consider when judging your business model of servicing Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems.  NHTSA has provided a roadmap regarding where service provider liability begins and ends, industry organizations such as TIA and RMA provide training info on how to complete the service, and your customers [consumers] are looking for guidance.  The Six Steps to TPMS Success will give an overview of the necessary components common to any successful TPMS service plan.  This presentation will cover a brief TPMS overview, why a TPMS Diagnostic tool is required, the purpose of TPMS Mechanical Tools, why you need to choose a replacement sensor system, the importance of replacing the sensor wear items, why developing a support network is critical, and why having a TPMS management and information system saves time and money.  This presentation is designed to be informative and cover the real challenges facing those engaged in TPMS service.  As always, we address TPMS service from a process point of view understanding that service providers need help with talking TPMS with the consumer.