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Hybrid Shop becomes AskPatty certified

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THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. (July 30, 2014) — The Hybrid Shop L.L.C. (THS), a network of hybrid-electric vehicle service providers, has become an “AskPatty Certified Female Friendly” auto repair facility.

THS said it has made a commitment to creating a positive experience for female customers, including launching a female-focused micro-site that provides the tools and resources requested most by women.

THS locations’ female-friendly services include:

  • A safe and comfortable environment;
  • Access to technical vehicle knowledge;
  • An automotive repair experience based on relationship building, trust, respect and improved communications; and
  • The highest quality repair and maintenance service.

“We knew becoming a Certified Female Friendly Auto Repair Facility would be a natural step, fusing our environmentally friendly hybrid Battery Pack Conditioning services with becoming a female-friendly operation,” said Matt Curry, THS’ chief visionary officer.

“We look forward to building long-term relationships with our environmentally-conscience female customers, so they too can feel empowered to improve and extend the life of their hybrid-electric vehicles through our services.”

THS lists 19 affiliated retail service points on its website.

Women influence 85 percent of the buying decisions in North American households, according to Jody DeVere, CEO of Inc., effectively becoming the family’s chief purchasing officer.

“AskPatty trains and certifies automotive businesses on how to communicate more effectively with women and ensure they feel safe, respected and empowered, which creates tremendous customer loyalty,” she said. “The Hybrid Shop’s commitment to women shows that they are serious about earning their business.”

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