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Video: Behind-the-scenes view of Net Driven's new headquarters

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SCRANTON, Pa. (July 23, 2014) — Net Driven, a software-as-a-service technology firm, has moved and expanded to a new headquarters in Scranton.

The 15,000-sq.-ft-office space includes a large office area with cubicles for team members. On the wall is a mural of Tony Stark — Marvel Comics’ Iron Man — who the Net Driven team deemed as a symbol of innovation and being on the cutting-edge of technology.

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The Superhero theme travels through the office with a painting of Gotham City lining the wall in a conference room. Instead of the Bat Signal calling for Batman, it instead shines a “ND” in the skyline.

The Caped Crusader himself can be found in the hallway after the front reception area of the offices. Continuing down that hallway, there is an explanation of the “Hedgehog Concept,” which is a core concept for Net Driven. The gears painted on the wall detail the three components of the concept: having a passion for what you do, being the best at what you do and knowing what your goal is and how to make money doing it, which in Net Driven’s case is assisting independent tire dealers with their online needs.

The word “Driven” is defined on the wall, along with many other innovative quotes, around the office to help inspire team members.

The front office space of the headquarters is a clean look with a television behind the front desk, showcasing what is happening at the company.

Net Driven held an open house event, including a ribbon cutting ceremony, on July 17.