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Largest North American Retreaders - 2013

Date Published February 27, 2014
Category Lists and Rankings

Ranking of Largest North American Retreaders, based on 2012 consumption of tread rubber. List contains 20 largest retreaders of medium/heavy truck tires; 6 largest retreaders of OTR/earthmover tires; and 5 largest retreaders of passenger/light truck tires. Based on original research.Each ranking lists: 2013 rank, company name and headquarters, tread rubber pounds/year, % change vs. 2011, units/day, # of plants, days/week, # of shifts, curing processes, 2012 rank.  This information is formatted as a PDF that you can download to use on your computer or to print as needed.

Fields In This List

Ranking, Company Name, Company HQ, Usage, % Change vs. PY, Units/Day, #of Plants, Days/Week, # of Shifts, Curing Processes, PY Rank