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Nicola the Tire Painter

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CANNES, France — The essence of Nicola Rosini di Santi's artwork is captured in this video.

Mr. Rosini di Santi uses recycled tires as a base for his paintings.

"My career is a road of creation…So I had to simply follow my artistic soul," said Mr. Rosini di Santi, who has been dubbed "Nicola the Tire Painter."

"I seek and dig in the mountains of tires until I find a nugget or gem that will put my imagination running."

He said his paintings are contemporary art that is tuned in with the times and he hopes "it will remain like an imprint and a very precise moment of our time."

Mr. Rosini di Santi said once he finds the tires he wants to work with, he will walk to his car holding the tires close to He said he lived in Paris for about 30 years before moving to the south of France, near Cannes, where he displays most of his work.

For more information about Nicola the Tire Painter, see the Feb. 3 print issue of Tire Business.