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Dec. 16 Tire Business NewsPoint

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Hello, I’m Kathy McCarron. Welcome to the final weekly edition of Tire Business NewsPoint.

Starting this week, Tire Business will be bringing you more videos and more multimedia packages on news events as they happen.  We’ll be supplementing more stories with audio and video clips and one-on-one interviews on our website.

Tire Business has done a lot to improve its video newscast over the past five years. Like all of our products, it’s important for us to give you what you need to be informed about your industry.

We’ve created more demand for our videos, and it’s important to us to give you what you want, when you want it. Our reporters rarely go anywhere without video cameras, so you will see more Tire Business stories with videos attached.

We’ve certainly enjoyed your comments each week about the newscasts and we look forward to hearing your comments on future multimedia stories, as well as your ideas for future stories.

So keep checking in to