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Oct. 28 Tire Business NewsPoint

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Hello, I'm Alaina Scott. Welcome to Tire Business NewsPoint, your video source for exclusive tire industry news.

Every year, we hear from readers how they would like to get more training articles, videos and by any other means possible. We spoke to Tyson Boyer, regional sales manager of Dill Air Controls about a training webinar the company has planned and is sponsoring in partnership with Tire Business. Registrants will learn about the importance of the relearn process and the tech tips for future indirect systems. Registrants will also be entered to win a startup service kit, a master TPMS toolkit and digital pressure and tread depth gauges.

That's it for this edition of Tire Business NewsPoint. I'm Alaina Scott. To register for the TPMS webinar, just visit Thanks for joining us and be sure to catch another exclusive industry report on November 4.