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July 8 Tire Business NewsPoint

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Hello, I'm Kathy McCarron, welcome to Tire Business NewsPoint, your source for exclusive tire industry news.

Tenneco's long-standing Monroe Ride & Drive program recently stopped in Berea, Ohio, to offer local auto service professionals an opportunity to learn more about Monroe-brand ride control components and how to service them.

Participants first listened to a presentation given by Sidney Gay, manager of sales training, on how a vehicle's ride control system affects handling and other aspects of vehicle performance, including tire wear. They then had a chance to test drive and compare several vehicles fitted with worn OE ride control components and new Monroe shocks and struts.

At the track I spoke with Joe Bacarella, Tenneco's manager of product training, and Denise Hanefeld, marketing coordinator, about ride control issues and how tire dealerships and repair shops can recommend timely replacement.

You can read more about the Monroe program and ride control replacement recommendations in the July 9 edition of our ServiceZone e-newsletter. I'm Kathy McCarron, thanks for joining us. Be sure to catch our next edition of Tire Business Newspoint on July 15.