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July 1 Tire Business NewsPoint

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Hello, I'm Alaina Scott. Welcome to Tire Business NewsPoint, your video source for exclusive tire industry news.

Tire Business Reporter Jennifer Karpus sat down with Cooper Tire's Bruce Sanborn, Product Segment Manager and Scott Jamieson, Director of Product Development, about the launch of the company's newest tire—the Cooper all-season CS3 Touring tire, which replaces the Cooper Lifeliner GLS. The CS3, a mid-range passenger tire, incorporates Cooper's patent-pending Stabiledge technology. The CS3 became available for shipping on June 10 in T and H-rated sizes with V-rated sizes set to be available in August.

Mr. Jamieson also briefly touched on the company's pending acquisition by India-based Apollo Tyres Ltd., which you can read about in the June 24 print issue of Tire Business.

That's it for this edition of Tire Business NewsPoint. I'm Alaina Scott. Thanks for joining us and be sure to catch another exclusive industry report on July 8.