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May 6 Tire Business NewsPoint

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Hello, I'm Kathy McCarron. Welcome to Tire Business NewsPoint, your video source for exclusive tire industry news.

Generation Y, those 18-35, is the newest block of consumers to enter the market and they are a generation that has grown up with technology. A story that appeared in Tire Business last November discussed how this younger generation will make up 47 percent of the workforce by 2014. With that large block of disposable income, tire dealers need to create strategies to attract this technology-savvy group of consumers.

Tire Business editor Dave Zielasko talked with Shawn McKenzie, who was a business development director for American Tire Distributors, about how dealers can tap into the Gen Y customer base.

For Tire Business NewsPoint, I'm Kathy McCarron,thanks for joining us. Be sure to see our next exclusive report on May 13.