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Goal: Safety first

I just read with interest and curiosity articles in Tire Business what our “duly elected officials” are spending their time on in matters concerning the tire industry/business.

By that I mean the issue of sales of used tires—and legislatures in Texas and Florida trying to find ways to further regulate what can't be regulated.

Much is said about the thing that all of us should view as obvious: safety.

A used tire is a used tire, and there will always be the possibility of unseen issues with any tire. There will also always be a part of our society that wants/needs used tires for a number of different reasons, especially economic.

Our job as tire dealers should be to provide the best/safest product in order to meet the need.

Mostly I wanted to comment on one particular statement in the text of a recent article about the proposed regulations in Texas and Florida about used tires. Having listed the definitions for an “unsafe” tire, we are informed that “tires mounted on used vehicles are exempt from these provisions.”

Do our legislators mean that only used tires mounted on new vehicles would be subject to regulation? Really?

Jerry Standley


Somebody's Tire Co.

Henderson, Texas

Can you hear me now?

Dan Marinucci's column in the April 15 issue of Tire Business (“Turn off the #*##*# phone and shut up!”) was right on the money.

As a sales associate and counter sales person at a fast-paced store, I long ago decided to refuse to wait on customers at the counter who are talking on cell phones.

They try to tell me what they want and I just tell them, “When you're done with your conversation, I will help you!”

It's amazing how fast they turn off the phone.

One young woman, though, had the audacity to call me rude. I set her butt straight in a quick hurry AND sold her four tires at the same time.

I am a very straight-forward, no-BS kind of person. I would never do that phone game to any business and I won't allow it at mine. I'm glad my manager feels the same way.

Susan Vorbeck

Sales associate

Tires n' More

DeWitt, Iowa

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