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The Buffer Bit initially was created to polish shoes but now its marketer is offering the product for automotive uses.

The Buffer Bit is an interchangeable hand-drill-powered wool pad for buffing, polishing and cleaning a vehicle's paint surface, wheels, chrome and grills. It sells for $19.99.

The kit is equipped with three buffing pads in black, red and natural colors; a drill bit; and a particle-resistant storage tube. Pads are machine washable.

Contact: Buffer Bit. Phone: 708-567-6003. Internet:

Continental Automotive Systems Inc. has published the VDO 2013 TPMS Replacement Parts Program catalog.

The new catalog has been expanded to include the latest application validations for the VDO REDI-Sensor Multi-Application TPMS Sensor line, which provides coverage for more than 85 percent of all vehicles in North America with just three sensor SKUs, according to Continental.

The VDO TPMS Replacement Parts Program includes additional coverage of OE sensors and service kits for a wider range of domestic, European and Asian vehicles, the company said.

VDO REDI-Sensor sensors are pre-programmed with software from the factory, Conti said, and designed to follow OE vehicle relearn procedures and work with all major TPMS scan tools.

The 2013 catalog features an application section and an illustrated buyers guide with individual listings for OE sensor assemblies; REDI-Sensor multi-application sensors, service kits and wheel bands; torque specifications; installation tips; service kit generation guide; make/model index; OE cross reference; REDI-Sensor cross reference; REDI-Sensor product information; and contact details.

Contact: Continental Automotive Systems. Email: salessupport-us@ Internet:

Aftermarket brake and clutch components and systems manufacturer Centric Parts has made significant upgrades to its comprehensive line of brake shoes, including the introduction of the industry's first parking brake-specific formulations and the new entry-level line of C-Tek brake shoes, the company said.

The Centric Premium Brake Shoe (111 Series) program now includes higher friction formulas specifically designed for parking brakes—an industry first, Centric Parts said.

Additionally, the company's new C-Tek Brake Shoe (110 Series) line offers a competitively priced aftermarket brake option covering more than 1,000 of the most popular applications, Centric Parts said, with the latest addition available now.

The company also has updated its Heavy Duty Brake shoe (112 Series) program with enhancements to formulations and coverage.

Contact: Centric Parts. Phone: 800-758-3004. Internet:

Forward Lift, a Vehicle Service Group brand, is expanding its product offerings to include its first battery-operated mobile column lifts.

FCH mobile column lifts provide 18,000 pounds of capacity per column in an affordable and portable package, Forward Lift said. Mobile column lifts are growing more popular for their ability to service most vehicles in North America.

The new family of lifts features an automatic steering system and forklift pockets, making them easy to move throughout a shop or across any concrete surface, the company said. Being battery-operated, there are no cords to clutter a service bay floor, and with a full charge in its two marine batteries, an FCH-series lift is able to complete 12 to 14 lifting cycles.

“The FCH family of lifts was designed with small- to medium-sized shops in mind,” said Lance Jones, Forward Lift sales and brand manager.

“For automotive-focused facilities, the family's economical price allows you to enter the heavy-duty market with little investment. If you already regularly maintain medium- or heavy-duty trucks, FCH mobile column lifts offer many advantages over the four-post lifts you may be using.”

FCH mobile columns can be ordered in sets of four (72,000 pounds of capacity), six (108,000 pounds) and eight (144,000 pounds). Each configuration has been third-party tested by ETL and ALI-certified to meet American National Standards Institute safety and performance standards, Forward Lift said.

Contact: Forward Lift. Phone: 800-423-1722. Internet:

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Vehicle Service Group's Direct Lift brand is offering the 9,000-pound capacity DL9, a two-post automotive lift designed for small shop owners and hobbyists.

The lift features asymmetric arms mounted on symmetric columns that provide users better pickup-point access and allow them to lift either asymmetrically or symmetrically.

“People who don't have several lifts in multiple bays need something that is adaptable to a variety of lifting situations,” said David Fischmer, Direct Lift brand manager. “We built the DL9 to give users options and access. We're excited to show off all of this lift's enhancements.”

The lift's latch covers are made of impact-resistant polymer to minimize denting and scratching. All hoses are routed internally for improved aesthetics and the padded switch that cuts power when a vehicle reaches maximum height has been redesigned, the company said.

Contact: Direct Lift. Phone: 866-347-5438. Internet:

Lista International Corp. has debuted the Lista Storage Wall System, a flexible storage system that combines modular drawers, shelves and roll-out trays for automotive dealerships.

The Storage Wall System provides high cubic density storage, can utilize all available ceiling height and is available in two different depths.

Drawers, shelves and roll-out trays can be interchanged and reconfigured within the system at any time, the company said, and a variety of different drawer heights provides storage for a range of items from very small parts to large tools and supplies. Both the drawers and trays can hold up to 440 pounds each.

Storage Wall systems are available with a variety of lockable doors, including sliding, hinged and tambour styles.

The modular design permits changes or additions at any time to accommodate growth and changing storage needs, the company said.

Contact: Lista International. Phone: 800-722-3020. Internet:

John Bean, a brand of Snap-on Inc., has launched its AC400 Touchless Alignment Wheel Clamp, designed to provide secure clamping without touching the rim.

The patented technology allows technicians to receive accurate and repeatable results, while being durable and easy to use, the company said. The clutch limited-clamping force of the AC400 ensures consistent and secure attachment, John Bean said, and with its self-centering design allows measurement of cross-diagonal and tire rolling radius that helps in the discovery of collision damage and mismatched tire sizes.

The product is made of durable, drop-tested, lightweight cast magnesium, John Bean said, making it easier for users to carry. In addition, it features a large handle designed for simple operation and accommodating gloved hands.

“The John Bean Touchless Alignment Wheel Clamp is unique in the marketplace because it allows the user to securely clamp to the tire without touching the rim, while still giving them accurate and highly repeatable results,” said Jon LaRue, director, product management for Snap-on Equipment.

Contact: John Bean. Phone: 877-482-4866. Internet:

OTC Tools, a Bosch Automotive Service Solutions brand, has released two comprehensive bundled software update kits for its Genisys line of scan tools and another kit for its Pegisys line.

The new kits, OTC said, make updates simple by bundling software for domestic, Asian and European vehicles for more than 30 years of vehicle coverage and serve to reduce technician update costs.

Genisys kit number 3421-141 provides a System 5.0 memory card and 2012 USA domestic/Asian and 2011 European software. The 3421-145 software-only kit is for techs who have System 4.0 and newer tools (no new memory card is required). Both versions include full coverage for domestic, Asian and European vehicles.

For Pegisys, the new 3825-55BDL 12-month subscription kit also includes domestic, Asian and European coverage. With the Pegisys Subscription, technicians receive all the new coverage just released along with all coverage that will be released for the next 12 months.

“Our customers have wanted this and we have responded. These bundled updates are designed to keep pace with the demands of today's technician while enhancing the effectiveness of each tool,” said Ed Lipscomb, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions senior product manager of diagnostic systems. “Bundling coverage into a single update simplifies the update process while allowing us to lower the cost of the updates to the technician.”

Technicians can purchase the new software update kit from their local OTC distributor or via the company's website.

Contact: OTC Tools. Phone: 800-533-6137. Internet:
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