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Man loses legs in tire shredder accident

KANSAS CITY, Mo.—The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating a March 18 accident at Kansas City-based ABC Tire L.L.C., which resulted in an employee losing both legs in a tire shredding machine.

The tire recycling and used tire shop was closed for scheduled maintenance and employee Marco Jamies, 40, had invited a friend who didn't work at ABC Tire to come into the shop and talk to him, owner Chris Smith said.

While Mr. Jamies was servicing the tire shredder, the friend accidentally pushed the button turning on the machine, Mr. Smith told Tire Business.

Mitas expands size range at U.S. plant

CHARLES CITY, Iowa—Mitas Tires North America is adding capacity for three additional farm tire sizes—in 26-, 38- and 50-inch rim diameters—at its one-year-old Charles City plant.

The three new sizes are a combine tire 750/65R26 SFT and two tractor sizes 380/95R38 AC 85 and 480/95R50 AC 85 to address the demand for larger tires with lower aspect ratios from farm equipment makers and the replacement tire market, Mitas said.

Production of tires up to 54 inches in rim diameter is slated to begin this year as well, Mitas said.

Separately, Mitas said its sales in North America hit $59 million last year.

NCTDA fights repeal of safety inspections

RALEIGH, N.C.—The North Carolina Tire Dealers Association (NCTDA) is fighting a bill that would repeal periodic vehicle safety inspection requirements in the state.

Senate Bill 194 removes all language in the current state statute requiring vehicle safety inspections, leaving only the requirement for emissions inspections.

To repeal safety inspections would be a disaster for motorists in North Carolina, the NCTDA said.

“We see vehicles coming into our shops that require needed repairs to maintain the integrity of safety to the motoring public,” said Tony Tripp, NCTDA chairman of government affairs.

Nitto Tire launches 'Ambassador' project

CYPRESS, Calif.—Nitto Tire U.S.A. Inc. has launched an Ambassador program as part of its overall social strategy for 2013 that focuses on engaging with its community of followers and advocates.

Nitto said membership in the Ambassador program offers access to special Nitto and automotive content like videos, articles, images and interviews. Members can then share that information through their personal social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, etc., and gain rewards points and prizes.

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