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WASHINGTON—The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has added tires from Continental Tire the Americas L.L.C., Sailun Tire Co. Ltd., and Yokohama Tire Co. Ltd. and retread products from Bridgestone Commercial Solutions, Goodyear, Michelin Americas Truck Tires and Oliver Rubber Co. to the list of SmartWay-verified low rolling-resistance new tires and retreads.

c Continental's EcoPlus HD3 drive tire—in sizes 11R22.5, 295/75R22.5, 11R24.5 and 285/75R24—is now verified for class 8, line-haul tractor trailers. This expands Conti's portfolio of SmartWay-approved tires to 19 new and retreaded models, the company said.

c The Sailun S6222 EFT trailer position radial truck tire is now verified, according to Sailun Tires Canada Inc., a unit of Dynamic Tire Corp., and TBC Wholesale, which distributes the Sailun brand in the U.S., which submitted the S6222 EFT jointly for the SmartWay verification.

The S6222 EFT—EFT stands for environmentally friendly technology—complements the Chinese tire maker's drive and steer-axle tires already so verified. Sailun Tires describes the S622 EFT as a “premium free-rolling trailer tire” with a decoupling groove that helps resist irregular treadwear and wide ribs to prevent damage caused by high-scrub applications.

c Yokohama Tire Corp.'s TY517 wide-base truck tire joins nine other products now verified as SmartWay products. The TY517 is an ultra-wide-base drive tire that offers improved traction and long, even wear, according to Yokohama, adding that the tire's profile contributes to its durability for increased retreadability. The tire is available in size 445/50R22.5.

c Bridgestone's Bandag B710 FuelTech drive axle and B197 FuelTech trailer retreads are now SmartWay verified.

The B710 FuelTech drive retread was engineered to complement the Bridgestone M710 Ecopia radial tire, while the B197 FuelTech trailer retread complements the Bridgestone R197 Ecopia radial trailer tire in design and performance.

c Goodyear's G316 AT Fuel Max, G572 LHD Fuel Max and G305 ATS Fuel Max retreads are now verified, joining nine Good-year- and three Dunlop-brand new truck tires on the list.

The G316 AT Fuel Max is available as a precure retread in 8-, 8.5-, 8.75- and 9-inch tread widths. It also is available as a Goodyear UniCircle product in sizes 295/75R22.5, 11R22.5 and 285/75R24.5 in both 8.5- and 9-inch tread widths.

The G572 LHD Fuel Max is available as a precure product in 8.5-, 8.875-, and 9.25-inch tread widths, while the G305 ATS Fuel Max is available as a precure retread in 8.5-, 8.75- and 9-inch tread widths. UniCircle fitments are being readied as well.

c Michelin's XT-1 AT Pre-Mold for trailer applications and XDA2 19 AT Pre-Mold and XDA2 23 AT Pre-Mold for drive-axle applications are now verified.

c Oliver Rubber Co.'s ULP Trailer (Ultra Low Profile) for wide-base single tires, designed for long-haul trailer applications, is now verified. The new product features the company's VDi Plus technology, a visual depth indicator. Oliver Rubber is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mich-elin North America Inc.

The EPA launched the SmartWay Technology program in 2004 to reduce transportation-related emissions. The agency said SmartWay-verified low-rolling-resistance tires can reduce nitrogen oxide emissions and fuel use by 3 percent or more—relative to the best-selling tires for line haul trucks—when used on all five axles on long-haul Class 8 trucks.

(See Peggy Fisher's column on the SmartWay Technology Program on page 16.)
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