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March 18 Tire Business NewsPoint

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Hello, I'm Alaina Scott. Welcome to Tire Business NewsPoint, your video source for exclusive tire industry news. Tire Business reporter Jennifer Karpus recently attended a ride-and-drive event hosted by Nitto Tire in Salt Lake City, where the tire maker launched its NT90W winter tire.

Alan Ngo, staff engineer for Nitto, explained the NT90W is a studless winter tire designed using sustainable materials that help improve winter traction.

The NT90W was tested at the Miller Motorsports Park in Salt Lake City against two all-season tires in a variety of tests, including emergency maneuvering and a hill climb.

That's it for this edition of Tire Business NewsPoint. I'm Alaina Scott. For more information on Nitto's NT90W, check out the March 18th print edition of Tire Business. Thanks for joining us and be sure to catch another exclusive industry report on March 25.