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Bridgestone intros three Firestone ag radials

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DES MOINES, Iowa—Bridgestone Agricultural Tire, U.S. & Canada Commercial Tire Sales, is rolling out three Firestone-brand radial farm tires designed for distinct applications and using the company's AD2 low-pressure technology.

The products are: Radial All Traction Row Crop tires for use on high-capacity, self-propelled sprayers; Destination Farm radial implement tire for heavy-pull type implements; and Cyclical Field Operation (CFO) Harvest tires, designed to support the cyclical loads of harvest equipment.

The All Traction RC tire is designed to meet the needs of crop protection and fertilizer applicators and offers a range of performance benefits vs. equivalent-sized standard radial tires, Bridgestone said, including:

c IF- and VF- designations that can carry more load at the same pressure or the same load at a lower pressure, resulting in a larger footprint and reduced soil compaction;

c Wider tread bars for improved distribution of ground pressure from the bar face;

c A curved bar design for a smoother ride; and

c 20 percent deeper R-1W tread bars than industry standard vs. R1 tread depth; and

c Rated up to 40 mph.

The Destination Farm radial implement tires are available in IF- and VF- designations and specifically designed to handle high-load demands, Bridgestone said.

Among the benefits are:

c Ability to carry more load at a lower pressure than standard equivalent-sized bias and radial tires;

c Lower air pressure with a larger footprint to help reduce soil compaction;

c Wider section width for more contact area; and

c Steel belts for improved resistance of stubble penetration, compared to bias implement tires.

The CFO Harvest tires are designed to handle the extreme load cycles on a variety of harvesting equipment during harvest season, Bridgestone said.

Among the specific characteristics are:

c Reduced soil compaction due to an increased deflection and larger footprints;

c Improved traction and added fuel savings due to less time in the field;

c Improved ride with increased sidewall deflection; and

c 20-percent deeper R-1W tread bars than the industry standard vs. R1 tread depth — for longer wear and added performance in wet soils.

Bridgestone produces the new tires at its dedicated farm tire plant in Des Moines.
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