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Goodyear unleashes plethora of products

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NATIONAL HARBOR, Md.—Goodyear dealers always expect a cornucopia of new products at the tire maker's annual dealer meeting.

At the 2013 Goodyear Dealer Conference in National Harbor Jan. 27-29, they weren't disappointed.

In addition to several new products in the passenger tire, commercial tire and OTR tire segments, the company unveiled an enhanced FleetHQ business solutions program; three Goodyear retreads newly verified as fuel-efficient tires in the Environmental Protection Agency's SmartWay Transport Partnership; and an updated commercial tire-selling app touted by Goodyear as the most comprehensive in the market.

The new products are as follows:

c Goodyear G661 HSA 19.5 inch: This new tire for the pickup-and-delivery vehicle market offers an 18/32-inch tread depth for high mileage; a layered multi-compound tread construction designed to extend tread life; a high-scrub compound and robust sidewall designed to resist problems created by frequent stopping, turning, backing and braking; three-belt construction with penetration protectors to resist cuts and punctures; and Goodyear TredLock technology featuring interlocking microgrooves to stabilize the tire's tread.

The G661 HSA 19.5 in size 245/70R19.5 will be available in February, followed by a 225/70R19.5 size that will come on the market in late June or early July, the company said.

c Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season: This latest model in the Eagle line will be available in June at Goodyear retail outlets, with a full line of 47 sizes available by year-end, Goodyear said.

The Eagle Sport All-Season is designed for performance drivers seeking all-season traction, responsiveness and “outstanding” wet and dry handling, the company said. Its asymmetric tread pattern provides responsive handling and grip while reducing road noise and promoting even wear, it said. The tire also maintains a large tread surface area even at light loads, providing consistent performance across a wide range of vehicles.

c Dunlop winter tires: The Dunlop line offers two new winter models, the SP Winter Sport 4D and the Winter Maxx, Goodyear said.

Replacing the Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D, the 4D offers a system of interlocking sipes in its tread pattern that improves snow handling by maintaining tread block stiffness and creating even pressure across the tread face, Goodyear said. Its V-shape grooves and deep snow notches enhance snow traction and performance, and its special tread compound aids adherence to wet and icy surfaces.

The Winter Maxx offers higher sipe blade density to prevent tread block distortion, Goodyear said, and increase tread-to-ice contact. Its Nano-Fit rubber compound combines flexibility and rigidity to help the tread adhere to icy surfaces.

c Dunlop Sport Maxx RT and Sport Maxx Race
UHP tires: With these new models, Dunlop brings race tire technology closer to consumers, Goodyear said.

The Sport Maxx RT has an adaptive tread compound that delivers race-like grip and improved braking performance, the company said. Its massive outer shoulder blocks promote increased stability and improved cornering, while its low-weight construction lowers rolling resistance for better performance, the company said.

The Sport Maxx Race UHP also has a number of race-derived features, Goodyear said. These include a hybrid aramid overlap to enhance steering and handling; an asymmetric tread design for excellent handling on wet and dry pavement; a motorsport-derived tread compound for exceptional grip; and high angle ribs for improved grip while cornering.

c New Kelly tire sizes and website: Goodyear will introduce 15 new tire sizes in its Kelly brand in four product lines in 2013, along with a redesigned website at, the tire maker said.

The new sizes will be in the Kelly Explorer Plus, Kelly Safari Signature, Kelly Charger GT and Kelly Safari
ATR lines, Goodyear said. The redesigned website, meanwhile, will feature updated interactive tire selector and dealer locator tools, enhanced navigation and functionality and Goodyear-branded options for consumers who can't find Kelly tires for their vehicles.

c Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure: This new entry in the Wrangler line allows “adventurous drivers” to go off-road at their discretion, Goodyear said.

The Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure will be available beginning in September, Goodyear said. It features a layer of DuPont Kevlar aramid fiber for puncture resistance, as well as open shoulder blocks in the tread for off-road traction in mud and snow.

c Goodyear SmartWay-Verified Retreads: Three Goodyear truck tire retread models—the G316 AT Fuel Max, the G572 LHD Fuel Max and the G305 ATS Fuel Max—have been verified as SmartWay Transport Partnership fuel-efficient products, Goodyear said.

All Goodyear Fuel Max tires feature cool-running compounds and construction that optimize fuel savings for truck fleet owners, according to the company. All three SmartWay-approved retreads also feature circumferential and lateral grooves for improved all-season traction, Goodyear said.

c Goodyear-FleetHQ business solutions portfolio: The FleetHQ program, which provides a comprehensive suite of business solutions for truck fleets including fast emergency road service, offers a long list of enhancements for 2013, Good-year said.

These enhancements include the Goodyear-FleetHQ Service Network, encompassing more than 2,200 locations from coast to coast, including more than 300 truck stops; Tire Trac, a dynamic online tool that monitors a fleet's service history, including the performance of individual tires; and Goodyear-FleetHQ Dashboard, which presents information about tire, retread and service performance, as well as purchase information to allow truck fleets to make better business decisions.

c Goodyear-FleetHQ Commercial Selling App 2.0: Part of the Goodyear-FleetHQ portfolio, the Commercial Selling App 2.0 is now the most comprehensive, powerful and inclusive mobile device application in the commercial tire market, Goodyear claimed.

Among other features, the Commercial Selling App provides information on every Goodyear, Dunlop and Kelly tire and Goodyear retread product; detailed information about every business solution offered through Goodyear-FleetHQ; a link to Goodyear's fuel savings calculator, which can be used to demonstrate the fuel saving properties of Goodyear truck tire products; and a complete library of sales presentations, product and solution sell sheets, videos, still photos, three-dimensional tire images, brochures, product service bulletins, etc.

The app can be accessed via iPads, iPhones, Android phones, And-roid tablets and other smart-phones, Good-year said.
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