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There's a benefit to generations coming together in workplace

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AKRON (Dec. 13, 2012) — Ever since I read my fellow reporter Kathy McCarron's article "Millennials, Gen Y, Gen X — Can't we all get along?" — because yes, we do actually read each other's work— I haven't been able to get it out of my head.

As a Generation Y-er, I am constantly trying to find my niche in the workplace and thought there were great ideas in the article about how to incorporate all generations doing what they do best to turn out the best product, or best business practices.

I am sure that it is sometimes hard for the older generations—or at least, members of them—to think about how technology really does change so much of the world and in our respective industries.

I remember not too many years ago, sitting at my parents' dining table, in a, um, verbal altercation with my father about the future of the publishing industry and how so much is changing and evolving. We talked about print newspapers and their fates. When the industry started facing the problems of print publications going out of business, he actually called me and told me I was right.

Score: Dad 600 – Jen 1.

It was a shining moment. I will be sure to send him a link to this to show him that part of my professional job is to write blogs for Tire Business' online content, just to remind him I was right.

Technological advancements or evolving in an industry doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing, but it is a change. I think it's a part of every business to roll with the change, and if you don't understand something—or maybe don't have a surplus of time to sit down and learn it—why not test out your Generation Y-ers who are chomping at the bit to prove themselves in your industry? In your company?

I know that I spend much time in my everyday life, both in and out of work, using technology. I use technology to communicate with others, to shop for shoes, to find out information, etc. Because I do use the Internet so much, I try to think of different ways to reach different groups of people.

I think there's a benefit to the different generations coming together in the workplace because each can explain the best ways to reach the different audiences that they fall into.

If you run a dealership that's looking to reach a younger demographic, start by asking those standing behind the counter, or in the service bays. Sure, some of these people like to be on their phones a lot and you might not understand why. However, that time spent scrolling through their friends' Facebook updates could be spent utilizing a social networking site to bring in new business for your company.

Thinking outside the box, or at least allowing others to offer alternative ideas, can go a long way in business.

To read "Millennials, Gen Y, Gen X — Can't we all get along?" click here.

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