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Tire Discounter Group adds 2 members

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ORANGEVILLE, Ontario—Tire Discounter Group has signed two associate members in Ontario—RNJ Tire Sales of Pickering and Performance Tire Discounter of Oshawa—to expand its network to 53 locations throughout the province.

“After many years doing business completely on our own, it was really a big decision for us to join a buying group,” said RNJ Tire Owner Paul Ross. “Our business has been, and always will be a family-focused business. Over the past 42 years we have been fortunate to develop a very loyal customer base. So it was especially important to us, not to lose our identity.

“With this in mind, we decided Tire Discounter offered us good programs to help continue our growth, without compromising the RNJ name,” Mr. Ross said.

He added: “My son Craig will be taking over the business sometime in the future and we both felt Tire Discounter was the right choice.”

Performance Tire Discounter is a division of Belleville, Ontario-based Performance Sales and Leasing, which also operates a Tire Discounter Group associate location in Belleville.

Richard Bender, Tire Discounters' director business development, said Tire Discounters was pleased that RNJ picked his company's program over other options.

“Our company has always focused on developing strong programs for independent dealers, within a group context,” he said. “To us it's not about contracts; it's about relationships and trust.”

Tire Discounter serves its network of affiliates from warehouses in Barrie, Hamilton, North Bay, Orangeville and Sudbury, Ontario.

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