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Who says you can't go out in style?

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For those tire dealers worrying about the pending demise of the world on Dec. 21 (according to the Mayan Calendar), I found a great gift idea.

Wild Stuff Gift Kits is offering its Apocalypse Chow Gourmet Survival Kits filled with comfort food for the "discriminating survivor" to enjoy while the world implodes.

The kits include "gourmet, fun and actual survival food stuffs with high standards for quality, flavor, and sustainability (the shortest storage time is one year)," according to the company. The kits also provide accessory items such as actual survival planning ideas and a colored chemical light stick.

"That last meal you eat while hiding under your coffee table ought to be enjoyable," the company claims.

The small wooden crate can be easily opened (in case you lost that crowbar during the panic) and resealed for the addition items you might want to include.

Just think, as you are crouched under the service counter while chaos reigns outside your dealership, you could be munching on risotto with porcini mushrooms, smoked salmon, water crackers, chili lime popcorn and apple turnovers. You can then clean your fingers with the lemon-scented moist cotton towels. Add your own bottle of Dom Perignon or cognac and a few cigars and you're all set to welcome doomsday.

Hey, if you're going to go, why not go in style?

As for the price, (and really, does price matter in this case?) you can provide your favorite employees or customers with a standard survival kit for $124.95 or a deluxe version for $149.95.

Just think, if you wait until early December to put the purchase on your credit card, you won't have to pay the bill until January 2013—or never!

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