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Published on June 8, 2009

Time to nominate 'humanitarian,' tweet



AKRON (June 8, 2009)—This year, with so many people out of work or facing financial hardships, it makes me even more grateful for the unsung humanitarians in our industry.

Year in and year out, in good times and in bad, these individuals faithfully keep doing good things—often quietly, always unselfishly—on behalf of others less fortunate.

For the past 16 years Tire Business has recognized such individuals with our annual Tire Dealer Humanitarian Award, and I have had the chance to see first hand the charitable work taking place. These truly are special people.

Like last year's winner, Burnham Neal, of Ben Tire Distributors in Toledo, Ill., who was honored for his decades-long philanthropic generosity to his local community and throughout central Illinois.

Or 2007 winner Texas tire dealer David Milam Jr., of Milam Discount Tire Co., who co-founded an organization that provides bicycles and toys to thousands of needy children in Liberty County, Texas, each Christmas.

Now you have the chance to nominate someone from your dealership, community or elsewhere for the 2009 Tire Dealer Humanitarian Award.

The award is open to any tire dealer or retreader who, during the past year, has made significant contributions to the betterment of his or her community through charitable, volunteer or public service work. If you know of someone whose good deeds, large or small, fit the bill, I encourage you to nominate him or her for the award.

It's a wonderful way of honoring this person and sharing with the entire tire industry the work they are doing and how it's making a difference.

Nomination forms can be found on page 23 of this issue, on our Web site,, or by calling (330) 865-6121. Nomination deadline is July 31.

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Tweet, Tweet, Tweet: No, that's not the sound of spring and birds chirping. It's the fastest growing form of online social networking and now Tire Business has joined the millions of people using Twitter throughout the day to communicate with each other.

Web Coordinator Lisa Hockensmith, host and producer of the Tire Business News Minute weekly video news program, has begun tweeting about the newscast and some of the unusual and interesting stories that are happening in the tire industry.

By following Lisa, you can learn about what she has planned for upcoming newscasts and share your thoughts on stories she and Tire Business Staff Reporters might want to cover. You can let her know of industry news we might not have heard about, weigh in with your opinions on our coverage or just talk about any topic.

Tweeting is fun, easy and quick, with the microblogging service limiting each post to 140 characters. It's a great way to communicate with your favorite tire dealer publication.

You can find Lisa at and while you're online be sure to check out her latest video newscast at

Dave Zielasko is editor and VP/publisher of Tire Business.


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