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Published on April 27, 2009

Letters: Repair frustration; industry consolidation



No GM satisfaction

We recently read the “Factory Fixes” in the March 2 issue of Tire Business and it was most helpful.

We have a 2004 Silverado 2500 HD pickup that experienced the exact problem Jim DePalma reviewed in the column under the GM heading. The manager of the independent repair shop where we took the truck provided us with a copy of the column. Our vehicle had a burnt blower motor resistor connector—requiring the repair parts that Mr. DePalma mentioned: connector part #15862656 and resistor part #89019088.

We wrote to General Motors Corp. and explained that although our truck was out of warranty, it had only 30,425 miles on it when the problem occurred. We felt that we should have been reimbursed for the repair expenses.

The response from GM was “No.” Their argument was that I did not take the truck to a GM-certified dealership but instead went to an independent shop—even though the shop in fact used genuine GM parts for the repair.

When I asked if a GM dealer would have done the repair at no cost I was told no because, after all, the truck was out of warranty.

I'm wondering if there are any other resources that could help us get reimbursement satisfaction. In our letter to GM we suggested the car maker might want to issue a recall for the part. It seems like it could have presented a danger to a vehicle and/or human if the parts burnout was large enough and came in contact with fuel fumes. GM did not seem concerned about that aspect.

Thank you for your time.

Bill and Harriet Hymer

Danville, Ill.

Time to consolidate?

The Detroit—formerly “Big”—Three auto makers may need to become the “Big One.”

The auto industry may need to go the route of the airline industry: consolidation.

Joe Jacobs


D.W. Campbell of Atlanta Inc.


Thanks for ASA coverage

I just wanted to send you a personal thank-you for all of the positive and quick coverage Tire Business has given to the bailout program ASA Tire Systems is offering to independent tire dealers, as well as the coverage you've provided for our company's news.

Also, thanks for your insight about this program and willingness to share your ideas. We have had a wonderful response to it, and were just talking about all of the interesting and eye-opening stories we are hearing from dealers across the country who have applied for grants. Without your coverage we couldn't have reached such a large portion of the industry so quickly and comprehensively.

We are absolutely extremely conscious of the value of what you guys in the media do for us. Thanks again!

Sky Souza

Senior marketing professional

ASA Tire Systems

Nashua, N.H.

Enough sizes already

Is anyone else complaining about the overwhelming number of tire sizes in the market today?

No one can stock this many sizes and brands. A person with only one car cannot wait 24 hours if his or her tire is out of stock. My stock is over the top and through the roof.

It's a nightmare. We've seen 54 new tire sizes alone this year.

I'd like to talk with an engineer at a car manufacturer in Detroit. They're to blame.

Peter Bianco


Maximum Auto Inc.

Conshohocken, Pa.

Where to go for help?

I own a small tire store in Maryland, and I like a lot of the stories in Tire Business and all of the topics.

I wonder, where can a small guy like me turn to get some ideas to be able to grow my business a little and be able to compete a little better and be more solvent?

Marco A. Florido


Fernandes Inc.

dba: The Tire Place

Hyattsville, Md.


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