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Published on February 2, 2009

Letters: Used tires, dealer legends



Used tires sell

In answer to the Tire Business Web Poll question—“With the current recession, are more of your customers asking for used tires instead of new?”—if I have the requested size in a used tire the customer wants, it is sold.

I also sell a lot of 14-inch tires, which are no longer popular, and the 16- to 20-inch tires for pickups, after the customer has found out the cost for a new replacement tire.

Dave Richards


Canton Bandag Co.

Canton, Ohio

Cornerstone of history

While recently getting a new set of tires, I was reading Tire Business' 25th anniversary issue (Sept. 29, 2008).

Your story on Bruce Halle, chairman of Discount Tire Co., didn't mention anything about the original stone cornice from the old Fisk Tire Co. (circa 1920) atop the company entrance stonework. This was one of the most recognizable logos/trademarks in the tire industry. I wondered where it came from. A Los Angeles tire dealer? From the old Fisk Tire building in Akron?

Anyway, it's a real piece of art and automotive history. Mentioning the history behind this should have been included in the article, if for nothing else, to show Bruce Halle's establishment with the past, present and future. This is one of a few icons that stood the test of time.

In the same issue was a story about “Old Masters—vintage tire posters,” which Mr. Halle collects. Showing a display of these worldwide ads would have been interesting because these artists invented the connection between the product and the customer, as well as creating many new types of printing type faces/fonts.

These artists weren't household names but were famous in their own right.

I enjoyed your magazine's articles and advertisements. Aside from telling how these tire people became good business relations merchants, their buildings, how and why they chose a particular location and any unique style, artwork or design connected with their business give your articles a dimension that speaks to the customer, like me, as well as the tire dealer.

William Fried



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