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Published on November 27, 2007

Letters: Asserting blame for product problems



Asserting blame

I have to take issue with Keith Crain's opinion column (“Beware of Chinese-made vehicles”) in the Sept. 24 Tire Business. I feel he distorted the facts.

Toy maker Mattel Inc. recently sent a corporate executive to China and apologized, stating that the blame for recent problems with the company's toys were the fault of Mattel's own manufacturing design and not the Chinese manufacturer's. A Chinese official responded by stating that he hoped the U.S. has learned something from this.

I believe the Chinese are as committed as the Japanese are to product quality. If you look at today's news, it's all over the Internet about the Chinese Air Force and Army superiority over ours.

My advice to Mr. Crain and others: Be a competitor and a motivator, not a whiner. Let's move on and do something different and better.

We created this “made in China” madness when we started to outsource our products, intellectual properties, technology, etc. in the name of cost cutting, corporate profit and corporate greed. I have been questioning the intelligence level of some of our corporate executives for a long time.

Blame the Chinese all you want, but don't forget that we went to them, we asked them, we paid them and we buy from them! They did not impose anything on us. Let's go back to the drawing board and start competing as we used to do and quit blaming.

Jeff Hale

Service shop manager

M&L Automotive

Los Angeles

Get on 'green' bandwagon

The editorial, “Getting 'green' a good idea” in the Oct. 22 issue of Tire Business struck a chord with us—especially since the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau (TRIB) has been promoting the environmental “green” benefits of retreaded tires since long before it became fashionable.

Yet, very few retreaders—including our own members—are getting on the “green” bandwagon, which is too bad.

In fact, a retreaded tire is one of the most environmentally friendly products, with one of the highest post consumer contents of any recycled product.

We encourage retreaders and tire dealers who sell retreads to begin touting the environmental benefits of their retreaded products so that the green train doesn't pass them by.

TRIB has a tremendous amount of good promotional materials available for those who wish to help promote the environmental benefits of retreaded tires. Interested readers can contact us toll free at (888) 473-8732 or by e-mail at:

Harvey Brodsky

Managing Director

Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau/TRIB

Pacific Grove, Calif.

Get real

Why are all 20-inch tires for passenger cars Z rated by tire manufacturers? Why do the powers that be not make an H-rated highway all-season passenger car tire? What car can do 149+ mph with 20-inch heavy wheels and tires?

Sure, a Lamborghini or some such exotic can. But a “real world” vehicle for under $20,000?

Jermaine Jamison


Custom Wheels & Tires

York, Pa.


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