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Published on June 4, 2007

Letter: What about warranty info?



What about warranty info?

I have been in the tire business for more than 30 years. The Tire Business editorial, “More tires need to be registered,” (May 7, 2007, edition) relates the woefully inadequate number of new tires that are registered.

While it mentions the current system of registration, it fails to identify what I believe are the real underlying reasons that more tires are not registered. All tire manufacturers anywhere in the world that ship tires for final sale in the U.S. should be required to attach to each tire a registration card. In addition to that card, there also should be a document explaining the warranty on the tire.

The warranty document should contain contact numbers and Web sites for the manufacturers. For too many years tire manufacturers have left the burden of tire registration and handling warranty issues in the hands of the tire retailer.

If the tire dealer does not receive the tire registration and warranty document attached to each tire when received by the retailer for his inventory, then it is no wonder a tire registration card is not available in many cases to give to the final retail purchaser.

If publications such as yours start an editorial campaign to stress the requirement for tire registration cards and warranty documents to be attached to all tires manufactured for sale in the U.S., then I believe these documents will find their way into the hands of the final consumer.

The result: More tires will be registered and consumers will know what the tire warranties are and how to contact the manufacturer about warranty issues and tire replacements.

Joe Franklin

General manager

Vehicle Sales and Services

Louisville, Ky.

Let them eat corn

Has Keith Crain given any thought to the fact that people eat corn?

In his opinion piece in the March 26 motorsports section in Tire Business, Mr. Crain said it's time for NASCAR to allow the use of biofuel in its sanctioned races.

As I understand it, ethanol uses corn as a basis for its production. That's great for the American farmer—LOUSY if you live in true poverty in places like Mexico. Economics 101 would tell us that if NASCAR (or anyone else for that matter) starts buying ethanol, people across the world are going to pay more for corn. Many Mexicans, for example, will be pushed to the point of starvation.

It is immoral to choose to burn as a fuel something that others require as a staple in their diet.

Thanks for giving my thought some consideration.

Steven Van Kleeck

Outside sales manager

Van Kleeck's Tire Inc.

Lake Katrine, N.Y.

Wrong business

To the dealerships that now sell brand-name tires: Part of being in the tire business is to address the customers who have tire complaints.

If you must send the customer to me, you are not in the tire business—you are in the “cherry picking” business.

Tom Osborne

Store manager

Gallagher Tire & Auto Service Inc.

Dayton, Ohio


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