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Published on January 2, 2007

Letter: Strike effects felt



Strike effects felt

I find it funny that American Tire Distributors Inc. recently made a comment about how the Goodyear strike wasn't affecting its tire business.

In fact, they stated that they increased their supplies.

I don't think they look at their own back orders. We have had to go to different companies just to get the tires we needed. In some sizes they didn't have a single one available in any brand. Hope they wake up and stop (offering) so many sizes.

Rosie Macbeth


R & R Tire Shop

Mankato, Minn.

Unhappy Conti retiree

I retired from Continental Tire North America Inc. as a regional manager for the company's off-road department.

When I first started in 1957 I was promised full benefits for life. Since then they have watered down the package.

I stayed with the company for 33 years—moving every three years during that time for various assignments—because of these promises, even though I had many good offers from other companies.

When I retired in 1991, I purchased one of Conti's company-owned tire stores in Springfield, Mo. I kept it until 1995, when I sold it, retired and moved to California.

For anyone who's interested, there is a Web site set up for Continental and General retirees. It can be accessed at: www.genretire.

Don Borgschulte

Escondido, Calif.

Tire trees well-liked

I enjoyed seeing on the Web site the photo of the huge tire tree set up at Good Tire Service Inc. in Kittanning, Pa. (See a photo of the display on page 5 in this issue.)

All of our stores also are decorated with tire trees constructed under the direction of Sandi and Traci William.

Good Tire Service owner Denton Good is right—customers entering the stores always comment positively on the tire trees.

Caroline O'Rourke

Vice president, finance

Jack Williams Tire Co. Inc.

Scranton, Pa.


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