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Published on November 17, 2006

Mail Call, Nov. 20



Enough sizes already

Don't you think it's time that someone should try and put a stop to all of these crazy new tire sizes?

Being a small tire dealership, it's impossible to stock every size for every car or truck on the road today. I remember when there were only 15 sizes on the market.

Help, before we all go out of business!

Michael Lennon

Wholesale supervisor

Liberty Tire & Auto Service

Liberty, N.Y.

RMA position 'irresponsible'

The best solution to assuring a vehicle's tires have the proper air pressure is a combination of good maintenance and the use of nitrogen in them.

It's a proven fact that nitrogen helps maintain pressure in a tire, resulting in better mileage and tire life. So I believe inflating tires with nitrogen and making sure you check your tires' pressures regularly is the way to go.

For the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) to come out and downplay the benefits of nitrogen is irresponsible and very short-sighted on its part.

Don Gauthier

General manager

Al's Tire Service

Burgessville, Ontario

TIA prez a 'great choice´

Paul Hyatt is a great choice to head the Tire Industry Association this coming year and I compliment the TIA membership for their decision to elect Paul.

As your editorial, “With Hyatt, TIA expands its scope,” (Nov. 6, 2006, issue) stated, he will bring much experience as a seasoned tire dealer to the job, and he has the vision to help grow TIA's membership worldwide.

Last but not least, Paul is a genuinely nice guy and I am proud to be his friend.

Harvey Brodsky

Managing director

Tire Retread Information Bureau (TRIB)

Pacific Grove, Calif.


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