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Conti debuts General Altimax line, Continental performance line

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LAS VEGAS (Nov. 1, 2006) — Continental Tire North America Inc. unveiled its Altimax series, a new flagship powerline for the General brand, at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas.

The debut is part of Conti's effort to revitalize the General brand.

“The General tire line will focus on a wide range of today's consumers,” said Travis Roffler, director of marketing.

During the SEMA Show Conti will launch the Altimax RT and Altimax HP tires, the first under the Altimax line. Both lines will initially be launched in the second quarter of 2007 with about 60 sizes in T-, H- and V-speed ratings expected by the end of 2007.

Conti said the Altimax line is designed to offer reliability, comfort, traction and tread life. The line's Quad-Tech technology—which includes features that allow drivers to visually identify tire tracking irregularities—cuts road tire noise and delivers ride comfort.

The Altimax HP tire also features Replacement Tire Monitor Technology. A stamp is imprinted on the center rib of the tire that initially reads “replacement tire monitor.” As the tread wears away the stamp changes to “replace tire.”

Conti also introduced the ContiSportContact 3 performance tire line for the North American market.

Already launched in Europe earlier this year, the tire— available in 17- to 21-inch rim diameters—is designed to provide shorter braking distances, enhanced handling and superior grip on wet roads, according to the Charlotte-based tire maker. It is approved as a fitment on Audi and Renault vehicles.

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