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Published on October 23, 2006

Mail Call, Oct. 23



Contractual dilemma

In regard to Art Bradley's letter in the Sept. 25 issue (“What's a dealer to do?”) about sending employees to school to become ASE-certified technicians, then they leave—I have been through this a few times.

After all the money I've spent training workers and then having them quit—sometimes after only a few weeks—I asked my attorney if I could have them sign a contract that they would stay for at least a couple of years. He laughed and told me: “There isn't a judge anywhere in this country who would uphold a contract like that and favor a tire dealer over somebody trying to improve himself.”

Different states might have different laws, but I doubt such a contract would be upheld.

And where do these techs usually go? To car dealerships. Sign a contract? Forget it.

Nondo Bongiorni


Nondo's Tire Co.

West Springfield, Mass.

Another old logo fan

I say “Amen” to bringing back the old Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. logo, as Jimmy Nylund from Four Wheeler Magazine suggested in his Sept. 25 letter to the editor in Tire Business.

The new yukky logo is very faint and hard to read. Why on Earth Cooper went and changed it is a mystery to me. None of our customers like it, either.

Cooper's in financial trouble, and I can't believe they probably spent millions to change their logo.

I've been a Cooper dealer for 30 years and buy about $1.4 million worth of tires from them annually. I'm also a Cooper stockholder and would like to see them do well. But I just can't figure out what they've been doing lately.

Clifford Cox


Blue Water Tires

Chesterfield, Mich.

This is service?

Do the car dealerships have a good explanation for not servicing tire warranties on the original equipment tires they sell with their cars?

I've helped many people who have been told by their selling car dealer to go away to a retailer!

John Stickley

Store manager

Whitehall Tires for Less


Obsolete unions

Times have changed. With the onset of the “global economy,” labor unions are becoming obsolete.

Goodyear must hold its line with the United Steelworkers union in the ongoing strike. It is a matter of financial survival.

Joe Jacobs


D.W. Campbell's Goodyear-Gemini Auto Care Center


They warm the heart

I'd like to read more heart-warming stories in Tire Business about the charitable work the tire industry does today.

It always brings a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat.

Jack Lundell


Big O Tires Spanish Fork

Spanish Fork, Utah


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