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Published on July 5, 2006

Mail Call, July 3



Suggestion for auto makers

We are a tire store in an area where flat repairs are a common occurrence. We do as many as 25 flat repairs a day.

The other day, an '05 Ford Escape came in with a low tire. The technician working on the car had been through tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) training and is a good technician having been with us several years. But this day things were hurried, and he mistakenly broke the bead on the tire only inches away from the valve stem.

Of course, that snapping noise we heard was the TPMS valve breaking off from the band inside the tire, ruining both the band and the sensor. Yes, the tech was at fault and split the cost of the repair with me, but why don't auto makers simply put a red valve cap on the stem of these cars to alert us that something is different?

Bob McCown


Big O Tires Inc.

Pueblo, Colo.

Require minimum orders

I started in the tire business in 1982 working in my father's dealership and later took over the business. Today, our store does a little more than $2 million in sales operating five days a week.

Tire wholesalers need to think about what they are doing to the independent tire dealer when selling to car dealerships and every Tom, Dick and Harry on every corner. They need to require minimum orders for a drop.

Otherwise, in five years you will not see any more independent tire dealerships.

Dianne Pike


Mission Tire Co. Inc.

Cartersville, Ga.

'Enough is enough'

When are we going to say “enough is enough” as far as more and more tire sizes?

If we had fewer tire and rim sizes, it would be better for everyone—from the manufacturer all the way down to the consumer.

Loren Cumming


Randy's Tires & Service

Mapleton, Minn.


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