Published on April 24, 2006 @ 6:00am EST

Mail Call, April 24

Not 'tire jockeys'

We appreciate the article (“Casing shortage? It depends on the day”) by Sigmund J. Mikolajczyk that appeared in the April 10 issue of Tire Business.

As the article stated, the Tire Retread Information Bureau (TRIB) is without question the world's largest casing clearinghouse. We invite any retreader or casing dealer not yet a member of TRIB to contact us for a sample of a recent “TRIB Casing Memo.”

We can be reached toll free from anywhere in North America at (888) 473-8732 or by e-mail:

Not only are our memos amazingly effective, they often produce results within minutes after we send them by e-mail worldwide.

One last minor point: Our casing dealer members prefer not to be called “tire jockeys,” since they have come a long way from operating out of the back of an old truck. We had a call from one of our large casing dealer members objecting to the “tire jockey” phrase, and we said we would mention this in our letter.

Harvey Brodsky

Managing director

Tire Retread Information Bureau

Pacific Grove, Calif.

Boycott Ford

We are boycotting Ford Motor Co. and its divisions because of their explicit ads, and I salute the family organizations that are speaking out.

Keith Crain, in his Forum column in the March 27 issue of Tire Business, called the boycott by the American Family Association and some 40 other organizations off-base, noting that Ford “is marketing with the simple intention of trying to help its dealers sell as many cars and trucks as possible.” And he applauded Ford “for sticking up for its rights.”

It seems wiser to me to support family groups than to support gay/lesbian groups as families grow and the other dies younger, has more illnesses and does not follow the divine plan for humanity.

I think a half-way decent ad agency could come up with clean ads instead of those promoting an immoral lifestyle.

Since Ford has chosen to go that route, then I will withhold not only my parts business and referrals, but I will continue to spread the word. I boycott any company that promotes that kind of agenda.

Phillip Jaramillo


Bosque Farms Tire & Automotive

Bosque Farms, New Mexico

* * *

I am a Christian and, in my personal view, I do not agree with Keith Crain's thoughts on the boycott of Ford Motor Co. because, as Christians, we must always be more concerned about people's eternal life rather than how much money can be made.

I wonder what your response would be if Muslims were to complain to Ford or any other company if they were offended.

At the end of life, it won't be how much stuff we have sold or dividends paid—so we, too, are also doing our job.

Lynn Webster

Store manager

Meekhof Tire Sales & Service Inc.

Jackson, Mich.

Peggy's right on

Peggy Fisher's April 10 column in Tire Business on the importance of training was very interesting and eye opening.

My dad Lupe and I opened a tire shop over two years ago and have four full-time employees. We live in Liberal, Kan. Do you know of any training seminars around this area? I would appreciate any information you have about training/safety.

David Hernandez


Lupe's Tires

Liberal, Kan.

Editor's note: We suggest you contact your state's tire dealer group, the Mid-America Tire Dealers Association—(785) 286-1110—about training in your area. You also can contact the Tire Industry Association (TIA) in Bowie, Md., concerning the training it offers. Kevin Rohlwing is TIA's senior vice president of education and technical services. He can be reached at (800) 876-8372, ext. 110.


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