Published on February 27, 2006 @ 6:00am EST

Mail Call, Feb. 27

Electronic tire registration is OK with CIMS, but...

The article “New firm offers electronic tire registration” that appeared in your Feb. 13 issue was of great interest to CIMS.

Having provided tire registration services and tire registration forms to manufacturers, brand owners and tire dealers for more than 35 years, CIMS knows the importance of registering every tire that is sold. Tire registration is the only way the tire purchaser will receive direct notification in the event of a safety-related recall.

After reviewing this article, we feel that several misleading statements have to be clarified.

CIMS has never argued against electronic tire registration. In fact, the opposite is true. For many years, CIMS has been utilizing its expertise and advanced technology providing electronic tire registration services to qualified tire dealers at the lowest cost possible (less than a penny per tire).

CIMS supports electronic tire registration. It is Web-based consumer tire registration that we do not support. Web-based consumer tire registration is supplemental and does not replace the required tire registration form. In addition, Web-based tire registration places an added burden on tire dealers and puts the responsibility of registering tires directly on the tire purchaser.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states—and CIMS agrees—that the tire purchaser should not be burdened with registering their tires. Tire manufacturers and other brand owners are responsible for a tire registration system and other costs involved with registering tires.

CIMS has worked with tire dealers over the years to keep registration costs as low as possible and lessen the burden for them to comply with the regulation. Tire dealers should not be penalized financially for compliance and protecting their customers by registering the tires they sell.

The responsibility of the costs associated with tire registration belongs to tire manufacturers and brand owners. Tire manufacturers and other brand owners have the legal responsibility for providing a tire registration system so that tire purchasers will be directly notified and have their tires removed from the highway in the event of a safety-related recall.

The NHTSA tire registration regulation mandates that independent tire dealers must provide tire purchasers with a pre-addressed, mailable registration form. Then the tire purchaser adds his or her name and address and forwards the completed form to the registration center.

Also, tire dealers who qualify can use their point-of-sale (POS) systems to electronically forward to the registration center the tire purchaser's data so that the tires will be registered.

The tire registration process was mandated to ensure that the consumer could feel safe and secure about purchasing tires. Consumers would feel confident that if there was a recall, they would receive direct, timely notification and have their tires removed from the highway as quickly as possible. Furthermore, the process should reassure consumers that the information they provide will not be used for any other purpose other than notification of a recall.

Our firm's reputation as an objective source for tire registration information is recognized not only by NHTSA but industry wide. CIMS' objective is to provide manufacturers, brand owners and tire dealers with the ability to register tires at the lowest cost possible in order to comply with the NHTSA tire registration regulation.

Paul J. Kruder


Computerized Information & Management Services Inc. (CIMS)



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