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Published on February 13, 2006

Mail Call, Feb. 13



Service column hits home

I am writing to offer praise for your auto service columnist Dan Marinucci's most recent articles on communication skills.

As an English teacher who is responsible for increasing the communications skills of automotive service technicians-in-training at a career technical high school, I want to tell you how outstanding and timely your articles have been for the development of potential “new hires.”

The looks on the students' faces were priceless when they heard someone else besides their teachers stressing the importance of communication skills. For this, we are grateful.

I also had one request: Mr. Marinucci's second article on “improving of communication skills” from the Jan. 30 issue has gone missing in our training facility.

We are distraught, but if these guys are stealing literature (your magazine) to read more, then we feel strongly about your magazine and our teaching.

Is there a way to get an additional copy of this issue either electronically or in hard copy? We would like our students to continue reading about this important skill area.

Please let me know what options there are for solving this problem. Thanks for providing such a valuable resource.

Eric DiGiulio

English consultant teacher

Rochester, N.Y.

Editor's Note: We sent Mr. DiGiulio a copy of the Jan. 30 issue and also forwarded an electronic version of Dan Marinucci's column. Many of his recent columns are online at

TIA training worth the cost

I had to respond to Gregory Schwindt's letter in the Jan. 30 issue about the Tire Industry Association's (TIA) training costing too much. I understand and respect his opinion.

TIA goes beyond a book and a video. We sent one employee to the TIA training program. He is now a certified instructor for passenger and light truck tire service. Upon his return, he set up a week of school and training for our four technicians.

The tests were given by a local school teacher who had no biased interest in the test or the employees. These tests were sent directly to her, thus no cheating. She sent the tests to TIA for grading.

In about two weeks, the technicians who passed got the results and their certification patches and certificates.

Later that year, 2004, we repeated with the medium truck and off-the-road tire school.

We believe these courses are not only for safety but liablility and professionalism as well. We want our auto technicians to be certified; why not make our tire technicians certified as well?

We now have two certified instructors who can train our new employees and those of other area dealers.

True, it was not cheap in dollars, but it reduces risks of making costly or even fatal mistakes. It also gives the technician more confidence in his job.

The customer sees the technician's certification on the wall and the patch on his shirt which, we believe, makes a difference in whom that customer trusts.

Thanks for your magazine.

I'm a longtime reader, first-time responder.

Dennis Harmon

Sales and accounting

Dayton Tire Sales Inc.

Sherman, Texas


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