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Published on December 19, 2005

Mail Call, Dec. 19



Loss of loyalty is sad

I have just read the article in the Dec. 5 issue of Tire Business about what Tee Pee Tire in Ocala, Fla., had to go through just for doing a tire repair.

I feel for these guys because they have worked hard for what they have, only to have a large company abandon them and almost get it taken away.

I really agree with what Tee Pee Tire co-owner Terry Perzy said: “When a rubber company sues an independent, I don't think the big boys are looking out for the independents anymore.”

It reminds me of an old airline commercial where the CEO of a company was talking to his employees and said: “We lost a big client today, an old friend of mine. When I asked him why he left us, he said he just didn't know us anymore!”

To make a long story short, he gave them all airline tickets and had them go visit their clients face to face, to get to know them again. The CEO went to visit that old friend that he had lost.

We see it more and more every day. The Big Boys want you to be loyal to them, yet they forget about you in times of trouble. When the Big Boys' sales start hurting, they expect you to be there.

The loyalty has gone away over the years, and it is sad. I think the Big Boys need to take a step back and start taking care of the people that take care of them.

Personal business still exists—it just needs to be practiced more. Maybe they should go see that “old friend” again.

Eric Pohlman


Eric's Auto Service Inc.

Hamilton, Ohio


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