Published on August 16, 2004 @ 6:00am EST

Tire Business Online Poll

(pie chart) 47.1%: Yes, there should be some enforcement

42.4%: No, the auto makers are already complying

10.5%: Maybe in the future, but not now

Total votes: 342; Poll date: July 19 - Aug. 2, 2004

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Poll opinion

The following comment was posted on in response to the question below on the Motor Vehicle Owners' Right to Repair Act.

Consumers are creatures of habit. If they service their vehicles at a car dealership and obviously feel comfortable over-paying for repairs, they will continue to do so.

This (Right-to-Repair Act) will enable the independent shops to equal the playing field, challenge those dealer service hourly fees and help alleviate service congestion. Besides, maybe we'll be able to have cars repaired quicker!

Have you ever tried getting even p.m. service from a Mercedes dealership? The wait is over a month! Can't we all get along?

Richard Clarke, President Clarke Advertising, New York City


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