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Published on April 29, 2002

TB debuts wholesaler Web listing



AKRON (April 29, 2002)-When you think about it, the whole point of the Internet is speed. Speed in obtaining information and in communicating.

It's also about connection: connecting users to the information and the people, businesses and organizations they are trying to reach.

I think that's why thousands of tire dealers and others in the tire industry visit the Tire Business Web site every day. They want to keep up with the latest happenings in the tire business, and they want it fast.

In fact, it's not uncommon for viewers to check out our site several times a day, just to make sure they haven't missed a breaking story or an interesting announcement. News is that intoxicating.

But our Web site, with its ability to store vast amounts of information, is really more than just a news outlet. It's also a place where tire dealers and others can find industry data, market shares and archived news stories. It's a place to view banner and classified advertising or to send a comment to one of our reporters or editors.

That's why we use the theme, “Your No. 1 Information Resource,” to describe the site. We want to be the place dealers turn to first when looking for information about their industry. Kind of like one-stop shopping.

Recently we added a new feature to the site that we hope dealers will find of particular value.

The Tire Wholesalers Directory is a listing of tire distributors across the U.S. and Canada. As far as I know, it's the first such directory of its kind in the industry. The directory gives our viewers the ability to contact a distributor quickly—either by phone or by clicking on a company's e-mail address.

The service really is intended for both dealers and distributors.

For distributors, the directory provides a quick and easy way to list their company address, contact information and tire brands, types and sizes offered.

For dealers, the directory also makes it easy to check out new sources of supply and to contact a company. And, since it's organized both alphabetically and by state, dealers should have little trouble finding a company.

Although still a work in progress, the directory's up and running. Click on it and see what you think.

Also new to the Web site is our second effort at connecting companies looking for employees with workers looking for jobs.

The Virtual Career Fair will be on line from April 29 through May 26 providing job listings from five companies. If you're looking for a new position or considering a career change, you might want to check out the site. Should a position peak your interest, we've also made it easy to send the prospective employer an e-mail note.

The Tire Wholesalers Directory and Virtual Career Fair, like the Web itself, are about information, connection and speed, and they're only a click away.

Mr. Zielasko is editor and publisher of Tire Business.


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