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Published on March 1, 2002

Jackie McGuirt's outlook inspiring



In these uncertain times, tire dealer Jackie McGuirt's courage, strength and positive attitude in facing the imposing challenges thrust upon him after being shot by a robber are truly inspirational.

Instead of being bitter at the man who left him with no feeling or movement in his lower extremities, he bears no malice toward his attacker.

Profiled in the last issue of Tire Business, Mr. McGuirt said he draws strength from his Christian beliefs, which also are helping him cope with his injuries.

It's a harsh reality that an irrational act by someone can rob a person of his or her quality of life and, in the case of Mr. McGuirt, a business as well. With no one to manage McGuirt Tire & Service in Ridgeway, S.C., Mr. McGuirt was forced to sell the one-location dealership.

He and his struggling family are using the proceeds to pay for his medical expenses. And friends, stirred by his character and faith, are raising funds on his behalf as well.

This past year has been difficult for everyone in the U.S. following the events of Sept. 11. The emotional toll of the terrorist attacks—and the aftermath of fear they've produced—have shaken many people's sense of security and have made them unsure about the future.

Although Mr. McGuirt has suffered so much, he is valiantly demonstrating that faith and a positive outlook are more powerful than a horrific act.

His 19-year-old attacker may have broken Mr. McGuirt's body but not his spirit, and he remains hopeful about his future and grateful for what he still has.

We wish him well on his recovery.

TBC going its own way

TBC Corp.'s agreement with Midas Inc. to eventually supply the chain with its own line of Midas brand tires is a new twist on the normal private brand supply relationship.

Usually, such deals are made directly between a tire maker and the retailer or wholesaler wanting its own unique brand.

But TBC is doing things a little differently these days, and the approach seems to be working. This past year, the company posted record sales and earnings, including topping $1 billion in revenues for the first time.

What made the Midas deal possible was TBC's creation of a national, central-account billing system allowing the company's distributors to invoice and collect via the Internet. Without that ability, servicing the mostly small purchase orders of the Midas locations would have been cost prohibitive.

With the industry shipping fewer tires than a year ago, doing things differently is a good way to get ahead.


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