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The world's tire production facilities - by region

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These tables list worldwide tire-manufacturing plants, divided into seven geographical regions: North America, comprising the U.S. and Canada; Latin America, including Mexico, Central and South America; Europe, including Russia and most of the former Soviet Bloc nations; Asia, including India, Japan, the Pacific Rim and former states of the Soviet Union located in Asia; Africa; the Middle East; and Australia and New Zealand.

The tables list tire makers, followed by any other name by which the company is known, in italic, then by the parent firm's name, if any, in parentheses.

Plant information shows: the year each unit opened; whether the plant's workers belong to a union; the number of production workers employed; types of tires made at the facility; and production capacity at the plant.

Information has been obtained from the companies and/or other sources. The abbreviations are:

* TIRE TYPES: 1-Auto; 2-Light truck; 3-Truck/bus; 4-Agricultural' 5-Motorcycle; 6-Earthmover/OTR; 7-Industrial; 8-Aircraft; 9-Racing.

* TIRE CONSTRUCTION: r-Radial; b-Bias-ply.

* PLANT CAPACITIES: u/d-units per day; u/w-units per week; u/m-units per month; u/y-units per year; t/d-tons per day; t/w-tons per week; t/m-tons per month; t/y-tons per year.

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