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Published on January 18, 1999


In announcing a series of regional seminars for tire dealers, the Tire Association of North America has added more value to its membership offerings. No longer a dealer-only group following its 1997 decision to allow tire manufacturers to join as voting members, TANA has needed to develop additional programs that benefit dealers, still the overwhelming majority of the membership.

With the announcement of plans for the seminars, TANA, which now considers itself an industry association, appears to be on the right track.

Combined with TANA's recently announced decision to develop an Internet-based training progam for tire service technicians, these planned seminiars offer tire dealers some powerful reasons to join the association.

The conferences, which still are in the planning stages, will be held regionally, opening them up to participants unable to attend the association's annual Las Vegas convention.

Based on TANA's preliminary discussions, the seminars will address several important areas, including training of store managers and the use of computers and other technology to improve dealer operations.

TANA Executive Vice President David Poisson said the aim of the seminars is to help dealers become more productive through the use of technology. ``If independent retailers want to be successful competing in the marketplace, clearly technology is the most effective tool at their disposal,'' he said.

Helping assure the success of the technology seminars, TANA has received $15,000 in financial support from Okidata, a supplier of computer printing and fax machine equipment.

TANA also will seek participation and support from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and possibly state and regional tire dealer associations in developing its educational offerings.

We encourage dealers to take advantage of TANA's new educational offerings.


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