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Published on August 4, 1997


Why don't more independent tire dealers repair tires properly? For most it's probably a question of dollars and cents. That is, many dealers don't think it's worth the time or effort to take up valuable bay space for a lowly tire repair, which doesn't bring in as much money as an auto service job.

They are missing the point.

As tire professionals, independent dealers have an obligation to their customers to repair tires following recommended procedures.

Beyond the obvious safety issue and the liability factor facing the dealer should a repaired tire fail, there is one indisputable fact: By not following the repair procedures recommended by the tire's maker, a dealer is voiding the warranty on his customer's tire.

That's not only ethically wrong, it's bad business.

Imagine the indignation of a customer told his relatively new $100 tire is out of warranty because someone took a short cut and repaired a nail hole puncture with an outside-only plug.

He would be justifiably irate and the dealership would more than likely lose a valuable customer. This is in addition to the bad publicity generated when this customer tells his story to friends and neighbors.

Motorists have a right to expect a professional repair from an outlet specializing in tire sales and service.

Most customers don't know the difference between an industry-approved tire repair and an outside-in quick fix. But they shouldn't need to.

When they bring their tire to a professional, independent tire dealer whom they trust, they expect it to be repaired properly. Anything short of that is a breach of that trust.

We applaud the many dealers who are repairing tires from the inside, according to recommended practice. Not only are they providing a valuable service to customers, but they are generating additional profit for their business.

For those who aren't, we have this advice: Do it right, or don't do it at all!


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