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    • Tests boost productivity, profitability of scan tools

      Bi-directional tests improve the productivity and, ultimately, the profitability of a scan tool in any automotive service facility. Although this feature increases the tool's price, its diagnostic value more than offsets the extra cost.

    • Cooper upgrades Starfire brand range with Solarus AS

      FINDLAY, Ohio Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. is replacing two all-season tires in its Starfire brand portfolio with the Starfire Solarus AS, a "value price-point" line with an expanded size range for passenger cars and crossover vehicles.

    • Cooper adds sizes to Roadmaster RM272 line

      FINDLAY, Ohio — Cooper Tire & Rubber Co. has added three sizes to its Roadmaster RM272 truck tire line, which is engineered to withstand the demands of drop deck and spread axle trailers.

    • Scan tool perspectives, tips for managers, foremen

      Purchasing a new scan tool may be a more-challenging task than many bosses realize. Now, more than ever, a prudent purchaser should establish priorities first and then shop patiently for a product or products that fill those needs.

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