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    • Fisher: A good year ahead for trucking industry

      You're probably wondering, "What's in the offing for the commercial tire and trucking industries this year?" The good thing is that the trucking and tire industries are leaving a relatively strong year behind and are starting out 2018 in pretty...

    • Ride the wave of the AV future

      AKRON If industry experts are right and there's plenty of evidence to support their beliefs it won't be long until autonomous vehicles (AVs) become as much a part of our everyday lives as death, taxes and inclement weather.

    • Grooming good workers takes time, commitment

      Savvy management teams commit themselves to the long-term grooming of younger technicians. They recognize that growing their own talent sounds great, but it also requires patience and persistence.

    • Motorists bear responsibility for own decisions

      The consequences of a motorist's decisions always rest on that person and no one else. Service personnel should watch out for people who try to foist responsibility across the service desk onto them.

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