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    • Snow Belt drivers still not sold on winter tires

      GREENVILLE, S.C. Three out of five U.S. drivers who live in Snow Belt states have lost control of their vehicles while driving in winter weather, according to a recent survey, but only two out of five use winter tires.

    • Steel tariffs will result in higher auto repair prices ACA

      BETHESDA, Md. The Auto Care Association opposes the elevated import tariffs on steel and aluminum announced March 8 by President Donald Trump, saying they ultimately will result in higher repair prices to be paid for by the American car owner.

    • Stakeholders respond to steel tariffs

      WASHINGTON—President Donald Trump's order levying steep tariffs against most imported steel and aluminum has elicited starkly different responses from various sectors.

    • USTMA sends letter to Trump protesting steel tariffs

      WASHINGTON — The U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association and 10 of its member companies appealed directly to President Donald Trump to persuade him to amend his order on steel tariffs in light of the tire industry's need for high-quality...

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