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    • SRI fiscal 2017: sales up 16%, operating income down 8%

      KOBE, Japan — Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd. reported an 8-percent drop in operating income for fiscal 2017 despite 16-percent higher sales, as gains in pricing and volume/mix weren't enough to offset higher raw materials-related costs.

    • Sri Lankan president attends GRI gala

      BADALGAMA, Sri Lanka — Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena was among the special guests who attended the gala reception held to celebrate the opening of specialty tire manufacturer Global Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd.'s pneumatic tire...

    • Michelin to partner with auto parts distributor Mobivia

      LILLE, France Group Michelin and Mobivia P.L.C., a European multi-brand vehicle servicing and parts distributor, have agreed to work together to support the development of Auto-Teile-Unger, a Mobivia business active in Germany, Austria and...

    • Bridgestone, Versalis form strategic partnership

      NASHVILLE — Bridgestone Americas Inc. is forming a strategic partnership with Italian polymer producer Versalis S.p.A. to develop technology to commercialize guayule in the agricultural, sustainable rubber and renewable chemical sectors.

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